Threat Hunting Services

Threat Hunting Services

Wouldn’t it be great if cyber threats were caught and addressed before you even knew they were there? That’s possible when you entrust threat hunting services to our company. Lupi has vast experience in the sector of cyber security solutions and serves both businesses and households. Let us tell you more about the threat hunting services.

The purpose of threat hunting services

Threat hunting services are useful for the identification and neutralization of attacks before they actually happen. These may be active or dormant threats you haven’t noticed just yet in your network, but they are still there ready to take a toll on your cyber security and peace of mind. Why should you give them a chance when Lupi is right here and ready to take a proactive approach?

Lupi is your threat hunting service provider

IT systems may become vulnerable as companies grow and new threats emerge. As threat hunting service experts, our job is to identify dormant and active threats in servers, networks, and endpoints and so prevent attacks. To also provide suggestions to increase cyber security.

  • Outline the existing security system’s state and see if it’s compromised
  • Detect a specific threat, check the paths of the attack, and determine the vulnerabilities
  • Recommend solutions to strengthen cyber security
  • Provide remediation solutions for a previous attack

The whole point of cyber threat hunting is to act proactively and look across endpoints and networks for possible threats that may go around security controls and become serious threats to an IT system so that you will be ready to respond effectively and thus, minimize – if not eradicate, damage.

By assigning the threat hunting service to Lupi, you are not exposed to risks and threats. In our team, we use the more advanced detection technology and high intelligence to accurately search and identify threats. The team consists of experienced cyber security specialists with the skills to detect all forms of threats. Rest assured.

Why should you care about cyber threat hunting?

Wondering why should you worry about threat hunting if your security control hasn’t alerted you about any threats? Because some threats are there and dormant. Or, so new that they cannot be detected by security control systems. Because you take steps today so that you won’t cry over spilled milk tomorrow, and gain peace of mind. Because we find, respond, and eradicate threats before they see it coming, staying ahead of the game. Are you ready to shut down threats and thus, feel assured when using your digital devices? If so, let’s talk. Tell us you are interested in threat hunting services.

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