Property Mapping

Property Mapping

Among all other cyber security solutions, Lupi is available for property mapping survey. This is all about identifying the assets a specific organization or an individual is interested in protecting so that an effective cyber defense strategy will be planned.

With property mapping survey, we help customers define their priorities in the resources allocated for the sole purpose of protecting their assets. These assets can be digital and physical and all aim against cyber-attacks. Let us be more specific.

Property mapping at a digital and physical level

Since Lupi is in the business of offering cyber security solutions, property mapping survey is the first step to understanding the digital vulnerabilities of a particular organization and the physical connections between network systems & computers. And so, the mapping is done on two levels.

  • The first level involves the identification of possible security risks at a digital level. This includes the software of a system, like files, folders, applications, et cetera. The security risk is that the software could be accessed by unauthorized people and data can be exploited and stolen. A common solution to such security risks is breaking down the data into autonomous units, each with its unique security policy as opposed to having one security policy for all data. As a consequence, even if possible intruders gain access to a file, the rest of the files will be safe.
  • The second level of property mapping sutvey involves the hardware of the system, like hard drives, USB ports, et cetera. If intruders gain access to this physical part of the system, they will also gain access to the digital system. The solution to such attacks is gaining access via biometrics, access control cards, and similar means.

Lupi maps your assets to suggest a tailored cyber defense strategy

The networks, computers, and information systems in each organization vary. In order to map your systems, understand your needs, identify the possible vulnerabilities, and build a security management plan, we take many things into account. These include all main things relevant to the organization – size, regulatory requirements, geographical layout, character, threats, and relevant exposures. In particular, what we take into consideration during the mapping process is the organization’s assets, people, systems, information sources, technological interfaces, and work processes – just to name the basics.

  • Information systems mapping
  • Technological infrastructure mapping
  • Organization’s work processes
  • Database mapping
  • Penetration tests
  • Interviews with key people
  • Systems scanning for network vulnerabilities identification


When the mapping process is completed, we provide you with the results of the query so that you can understand your company’s current situation. These results act as a cyber risk survey report that will guide you into taking action against all possible security risks. In this report, you will be able to see our findings and the risk levels as well as our recommendations for preventing attacks, based on your priorities. If you are ready to build a cyber defense strategy on your physical and digital assets to prevent attacks, let us map your assets and offer solutions. Let’s talk more about your property mapping.

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