Phishing is the problem. Phishing protection is the solution. And Lupi is here to provide it. We are available to raise cybersecurity awareness so that you can avoid such incidents but are also ready to step in if you face a phishing scam.

Phishing attacks are engineered to steal information, identities, login credentials, and credit card numbers or gain access to governmental or corporate networks.

The phishing techniques vary and the attackers are masqueraded as reliable entities to fool their victims into providing information, opening a message, clicking on links, et cetera.

Let Lupi provide consultation on the best ways to avoid phishing attacks. Phishing remains one of the worse cybercrimes for years for two reasons.

  • The cyber attackers come up with fresh ways to phish the information they seek or sneak into the network they aim and so even experienced users can be fooled into believing that there’s no criminal intent.
  • The results of phishing attacks are devastating since the attackers may gain access to sensitive data, install malware, sabotage networks, and steal information – hence, may bring down huge corporations and governmental institutions.

Falling for a phishing scam is easy

Phishing attackers aim at tricking users into doing the wrong thing – reveal sensitive information, click on a malicious link, or open a fraudulent email message. At first glance, preventing being victimized seems easy since the users can avoid doing anything they consider out of the ordinary or suspicious. The effectiveness of phishing attacks lies in the fact that the criminals go to great lengths in designing websites, messages, logos, et cetera that will perfectly mimic the original ones. Or, they create a sense of urgency, like threatening with an account expiration. And they rely on the users not paying attention to details or being carried away by their workload to fall for a phishing scam.

Defense against phishing attacks

Whether we are talking about enterprises or users, there are some steps to be taken to have phishing attack protection.

Let Lupi provide consultation on the best ways to avoid phishing attacks. Phishing remains one of the worse cybercrimes for years for two reasons.

  • Take a minute to think if you were expecting a message from a particular authority (like a bank) or even if you have an account at a particular bank institute.
  • Users should be suspicious when they are called to urgently open an attachment and when they receive messages from first-time senders.
  • Enterprises could have strict policies about the frequency of password changing and tell their employees to never use the same password for a number of applications.
  • All users should be regularly informed about the latest phishing scams to know what to avoid.

Since the phishing scams constantly change, the results are damaging, and each situation is different, don’t take this cyber security risk lightheartedly. Contact us to get more information and the best phishing attack protection.

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