Incident Response

Incident Response

What if there’s a cyber security incident at your business? Something like a social engineering attack? Malware in your network? A ransomware attack? Wouldn’t it be great to rely on a responsive incident response team? With Lupi, IT incidents or computer incidents are tackled, addressed, and managed in no time and in the best way. Let us show you.

Incident response service

Incident response is the procedure orchestrated beforehand to be prepared to identify and contain a cyber-attack or security breach, which may occur, and recover from it.

While the incident response service is offered after the breach or cyberattack takes place, the way things fall into place is planned in advance.

Why Lupi is your trusted incident response team?

The incident response teams at Lupi have experience and the commitment to constantly remain up-to-date with all technological changes. Our company provides full support – from planning the response to threats and containing breaches to defeating attacks and helping your company recover.

The incident response terms and levels of service are all pre-arranged. If you already have an incident response plan, we can strengthen it. If not, we create a new one based on your needs. The important thing is that the incident response team will be there when you need it the most. And not only will a potential threat be detected but also contained so that it won’t expand and provide remediation solutions.

Incident response steps

These are the steps the incident response team will follow should there is a threat. While the plans vary based on each company’s requirements and needs, they all intend to detect threats, contain the threat, and have a crisis management plan.

The incidents may involve data breaches, network intrusion, inner threats, malware outbreaks, et cetera. The usual 6-step incident response plan includes the following phases:

  • Planning and preparing the IT staff and users to handle incidents.
  • Detecting a threat by identifying if a certain event is indeed a cyber security incident.
  • Containing the threat to prevent its expansion – hence, further damage.
  • Eliminating the threat by detecting the incident’s roots and removing the affected systems.
  • Ensuring the affected systems are removed or restored, and recovering from the incident.
  • Analyzing to learn from the incident to improve methods to better respond to future attacks of similar nature.

Importance of incident response services

Having an experienced incident response team standing by has many benefits. With Lupi, a threat is immediately detected, identified, and addressed. More importantly, the incident is contained and doesn’t escalate into a bigger cyber security problem. Your losses are minimized, the exploited vulnerabilities of your system are mitigated, and the remediation service ensures that a similar future attack will not only be better handled but might as well be prevented. If you like the sound of all that and don’t want to take risks, why don’t you talk to us about your needs to get solutions and learn about the incident response pricing?

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