Digital Forensic Investigations

Digital Forensic Investigations

Digital forensic investigations are usually part of incident response plans. That’s when an incident, like a cyberattack, has already happened, and now the incident response team must follow the digital footprint not only to contain the threat and handle the crisis but also to have evidence of the attack.

What is digital forensics?

Digital forensics is all about identifying and recovering material from a digital device that proves some form of cybercrime. The results of the digital forensic investigations can be evidence in a court of law, proving that cybercrime has taken place. The digital forensic investigators are also responsible for the preservation, analysis, and examination of the evidence recovered and we can assure you that Lupi uses only scientifically validated and accepted processes. Once known as computer forensics, digital forensics nowadays has expanded to include the investigation of all digital devices – mobiles, networks, cloud, et cetera.

The steps of digital forensic investigations
  • The digital forensic investigators find evidence of a cyber threat or attack – where it is stored.
  • What follows is the isolation and preservation of the digital data so that nobody will be able to tamper with the evidence.
  • Next, the investigators analyze the digital data.
  • The data is documented so that the cybercrime will be recreated.
  • The investigators draw their conclusions and are ready to provide evidence, if needed.

Experienced digital forensic investigators


Digital forensics is virtually solving cybercrime. Experienced forensic analysts determine the way the attackers gained access to a network, computer, cloud, or another digital media, check if they stole information or planted malware, and recover emails, images, or documents. They usually have to crack passwords, recover deleted messages and files, and find the roots of the cyber security breach. The recovered digital data that prove a form of cybercrime are then preserved, analyzed, and recorded.

In a nutshell, digital forensic investigations trusted to Lupi include the thorough identification, preservation, analysis, documentation, and presentation of digital data, evidence of cybercrime. For the best digital forensic investigators and thus, peace of mind, contact us.

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