Cyber Security for All

Cyber solutions for all organizations and individuals interested in building a stronger defense against cyber threats or even preventing attacks.

Emergency Response

Swift response to all threat incidents – from ransomware to data breaches. Pre-defined service level agreement (SLA) and IR service on demand.

Preventing Disaster

Network mapping, pen tests, hunting threats, cybersecurity awareness - anything to create a battle-ready environment and keep you ahead of problems.

Cyber Security Services to Meet All Needs

Let's put titles on the cyber security services provided by Lupi. But let's also point out that no threat and cyberattack are the same, not all organizations and individuals have the same needs, and so the name of a service you read about today takes the shape required to meet your particular needs.

Threat Hunting Services

Dormant and active threats are detected, identified, and contained to minimize or eliminate the risks before offering better cyber security solutions.

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Incident Response

Emergency response to all incidents that count as a threat, breach, and attack. Range of services defined by a pre-arranged SLA or on-demand.

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Penetration Testing

We run tests to check if your security control system can be penetrated by evaluating its possible vulnerabilities.

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Digital Forensic Investigations

Digital forensic investigations involve the detection, isolation, preservation, analysis, and presentation of cybercrime evidence.

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Consultation for phishing attack protection with steps recommended for both enterprises and individual users.

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Property Mapping

To build a sound cyber defense strategy for an organization or individual, we first map the physical and digital assets to understand the entity’s security needs and priorities.

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Web Application Security

Are you sure all web apps you use are free of defects? Lupi offers web application security solutions so that such defects won’t become the Achilles heel of your digital system.

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Secure Awareness Training

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