Web Application Security

Web Application Security

Are you sure all web apps you use are free of defects? Lupi offers web application security solutions so that such defects won’t become the Achilles heel of your digital system. As you know, web apps dominate our world these days. And most of them have some defects – some of which can become vulnerabilities that can be exploited, putting risks to your business.

The whole purpose of web application security is to address such flaws for the prevention of damage. Here at Lupi – the trusted company for cyber solutions in Toronto, Ontario, we understand your anxiety about possible web application vulnerabilities and know how to mitigate them.

Web application security experts

By assigning web application security services to our company, you can expect the best methods, the latest technologies, and a range of processes implemented for the protection of web apps, servers, and services from internet threats. We take measures to protect data, people, businesses, and any harm occurred due to cybercrime.

Web applications are broadly used today and not only for personal entertainment but also for e-commerce and online banking, making web application security even more important. Even a minor flaw in a web app is often enough to become a vulnerability that can be exploited by a criminal. The most usual attacks on web applications are credential stuffing, brute force, cross-site scripting, sensitive data disclosure, and more.

Web application security methods

The web application security methods vary based on each situation and case. We test the security of the web and mobile applications, see if there are any holes that could be used by attackers to gain access to your data, suggest and implement better security strategies, and suggest ways to strengthen the resilience of crucial applications. We can also assess the application’s architecture and design and see if your applications may pose some risks to your business.

Web application firewalls are one way to defend against attacks, filter traffic, block malicious traffic, keep malware from reaching the application, and prevent the release of sensitive data. Other methods include access management, scanning app vulnerabilities, user authentication, cookie management, et cetera. But let us stop here and focus on your web application security needs. Shall we? Contact our team to get started.

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