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Lupi offers services to enhance cybersecurity awareness, detect and mitigate threats, and provide effective solutions for incidents. Situated at the epicenter of the intersection between the cyber world and its potential hazards and your organization, we are dedicated to equipping individuals and entities with the foremost priority - cybersecurity awareness.​

Phishing attacks can be initiated by email, while cyber threats can manifest rapidly and result in substantial financial losses. Lupi Cyber Solutions Inc. was established due to the existence of cybercriminals who frequently develop novel techniques to bypass sophisticated security measures, introduce malware, and gain unauthorized access.​

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What is cybersecurity awareness?

Here at Lupi, we know all things about the good and the bad stuff of cyber. You don’t need to understand technical details but know that even an innocent email may hide traps. Browsing the internet is not free of dangers. Our role is to show you the risks, the possible threats, how cybercriminals act, and how they can target you. ​

​Training to recognize and avoid threats is the essence of cybersecurity awareness, enabling individuals to prevent the release of sensitive information and the theft of passwords.​

At Lupi, we stay ahead of things and cyber attackers to help you stay ahead of cyber-attacks.​​

Why choose Lupi Cyber Solutions?​

Complete and Effective Protection for Organizations & Individuals

We aim to create environments where individuals and organizations can enjoy the merits of the internet and all things about the cyber world, minus the threats. And when threats happen, we'll still be the team to hunt them down, respond, stop them, and offer solutions.​

Hunt & Stop Threats

Proactive threat hunting to outline the current security system, targeting possible threats and recommending solutions.

Responsive to Incidents

Quick response to incidents with the purpose of detecting, containing, and addressing them.

Running Tests, Mapping Vulnerabilities

Penetration testing, network mapping, solutions for mobile applications too – Android/iOS.

24/7 support and service

24-hour response to security breaches, threats, and attacks that may compromise networks, information systems, applications, et cetera.

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Innovative Cyber Security Solutions

The scope of cyberspace extends beyond the internet, resulting in a diverse range of threats that can impact various facets of the online environment, such as email messages, websites, files, folders, and hardware. Our team, with extensive collective expertise and a broad perspective, remains vigilant and well-equipped to address any circumstance, including network mapping, threat detection, and cyber security restoration.​

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We serve everyone – individuals, companies, businesses, and organizations- by considering their specific needs, requirements, and expectations. Those in the manufacturing, insurance, and banking industry. Healthcare organizations. The public sector. Gas and oil companies. Cyber attackers may target all sectors to steal data and identities, information – anything. We hunt them down. And we have experience handling situations in any industry and building robust cyber security systems while remaining available for proactive steps.​

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As long as there's a cyber world and the bad guys of this world have something to gain, the threats won't stop. The bad news is that the faces of threats and attacks are different. It's like common thieves who constantly find new ways to break in. To compensate for this threat and stay ahead, new locks are created – more powerful, intelligent, and resistant—the same thing in the cyber security industry. We grow smarter, stronger, and more resilient too.​

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Lupi's cyber security solutions are multi-levelled. It's about raising cybersecurity awareness, preventing cyberattacks, and responding to incidents. We'll be here if you need answers to cyber threats and attacks, but it isn't best if you can avoid them.​ Knowing about the possible cyber dangers and taking the required steps to protect an organization's assets is what cybersecurity awareness is all about. This process never stops. Why? Because malware becomes more sophisticated. Cybercriminals get technologically more innovative. The methods used to fool targets are nearly perfected and improve over time. You need Lupi. Why? Because even if you have an experienced IT team, they may need more time to keep track of the latest threats. We do that for a living. And our vision is your vision. That's to combat threats and attacks so you can focus on what you do best without looking over your shoulders.​

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Our Team's Approach to Security

  • Proactive Cyber Security Services

    Let's eradicate cyberattacks before they happen! Proactive steps with property mapping, penetration testing, threat hunting, and methods.​

  • Ready to Respond to Incidents

    Readily available 24/7 to respond to incidents and conduct digital forensic investigations, proving cybercrime and recommending new defence strategies.

  • Combining Services

    Combination of proactive steps and post-incident services to ensure you are ready for all threats, and all threats will be dealt with appropriately.

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